04/09/24 Meera and Sky presented at the Ohio Supercomputer Center Research Symposium!

04/08/24 The Ou lab experienced the total solar eclipse together!!!

02/20/24 Carmen and Caleb gave rotation talks to the lab!

02/02/24 Xingli performed our first-ever Nanopore sequencing!!!

01/13/24 Chris, Pedro, and Shujun represent the Ou Lab at the PAG 31 conference!

10/16/23 Bella and Evelyn finished their first rotations with great presentations!

10/07/23 Having fun at the Lynd's farm!

09/30/23 Volunteering in the WestFest Science Fair!

09/17/23 Hike at the Prairie Oaks Metro Park!

09/06/23 Kuppan presented his summer work in the MolGen Open House event!

08/29/23 Distinguished Professor Venkatesan “Sundar” Sundaresan from UC Davis visited OSU and interacted with the Ou Lab

08/11/23 Saanvi gave a nice presentation on her experience and project at the Ou Lab

07/28/23   Greenhouse planting with Kuppan and Saanvi!

07/28/23 Friday F.I.S.Hing!

(Left to right, Pedro, Kuppan, Shujun, Xingli, Saanvi, Sky. Photo credit: Harald Vaessin)

07/14/23 Xingli arrived in Columbus and joined us for F.I.S.Hing!

(Left to right, Sky, Kuppan, Mel, Xingli, Pedro, Shujun)

06/02/23 Saanvi, Kuppan, and Mel joining the group as summer interns!

(Left to right, Saanvi, Kuppan, Mel, Pedro, Shujun)

02/14/23 Founding members of the Ou Lab!

(Left to right, Pedro, Dom, Adam, Sky, Shujun)

01/27/23 Pedro arrived in Columbus!

01/20/23 We had our first F.I.S.H. event! 

(Left to right, Sky, Adam, Shujun, and Dom)

01/01/2023 The Ou Lab is officially open!