Software and Databases

Reusable, quick installation, and open source


Most of our software packages can be installed via conda

panEDTA pangenome EDTA for consistent and high-quality annotation of TEs (example: PopTEvo)

EDTA Extensive de-novo TE Annotator for structural and homology annotation of TEs

TEsorter an accurate and fast method to classify LTR retrotransposons in plant genomes

LAI the LTR Assembly Index for evaluation of repeat assembly in genomes

LTR_FINDER_parallel a parallel wrapper for LTR_FINDER

LTR_retriever a highly accurate and sensitive program for identification of LTR retrotransposons

ThetaPi estimate nucleotide diversity using tabular population SNPs


riceTElib a collection of manually curated TE examplars in rice (Oryza sativa).

MTEC a collection of historical and updated TE libraries from the Maize TE Consortium.